The Professional School Based Mentoring (PSBM) Philosophy

The Professional School Based Mentoring (PSBM) Philosophy

The Professional School Based Mentoring (PSBM) Philosophy….Because schools can’t do it alone.

The PSBM Philosophy is a “Best Practice” resource used to build capacity, effectively engage family & community, and achieve positive student outcomes.

The Professional School Based Mentoring Philosophy (PSBM) recognizes that our highest risk students DO NOT constitute a homogeneous cluster of youth with like characteristics. The PSBM philosophy skillfully and willfully addresses the gifted learner with anxiety issues to the angry learner with family problems.

  • The PSBM Philosophy is a proven evidenced-based research strategy for the highest risk students in primary and secondary settings.
  • The PSBM Philosophy holistically addresses the student’s needs, provides the appropriate resources and measures the outcomes.
  • The PSBM Philosophy will address the following areas using SMART goal setting: Academic Attitude, Behavior Targets & Curriculum (ABC’s)
  • The goals of the PSBM Philosophy are as follows:
  1. Improved academic performance (usually defined through grades or standard test scores)
  2. Improved feeling of scholastic competence and confidence
  3. Improved relations with peers, teachers, and other school personnel
  4. Increased attendance and class participation
  5. Improved homework completion
  6. Increased access to other school resources (such as the library or computer lab)
  7. Reductions in classroom disruptions, fighting, suicidal ideation/impulse/intent, drugs and alcohol, and other negative school behavior.
  8. Increased exploration of, or acceptance to, secondary education opportunities.
  9. Improved job placement, career exploration or college readiness.
  10. Teacher & parent training & promotion of positive behavioral supports for effective behavior management
  11. Parent and community engagement and commitment to the student’s academic success.
  • The PSBM Philosophy is intended to provide assistance teachers and students, not an additional burden.
  • The PSBM Philosophy is NOT a “Here we go again program!” There is invested support over the next 3-5 years to improve the academic and personal lives of our highest risk students.
  • Campus referrals will go through a school-based committee (The “Failure Is Not An Option Committee”) to determine students in greatest in need within the school.
  • PSBM’s will be assigned to campuses and maintain a caseload of 20-25 students.
  • PSBM’s receive on-going specialty professional development, intense supervision and monitoring, and participate in book studies leading to certification as a Certified Professional School Based Mentor.
  • Online forms for documentation of Teacher and Parent Input on student progress, Parent Permission, and End-Of-Year assessment will be available.

The multiple dimensions of the student’s life is effectively addressed with the ABC’s:
A Academics
B Behavior
C Community Support



The Professional School-Based Mentoring Philosophy is a Best Practice

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A Celebration of Unity in the Community


Use the following forms to support the implementation & sustainability of your personalized PSBM philosophy:

PSBM Student Contact Guide

PSBM Referral

PSBM Referral Application

Parent/Teacher/Counselor/Support Staff Referral Form

Parent Permission Form

Parent Permission Form (Spanish)

Mentee Profile Sheet (School Based Committee)

Student Progress Checklist (Teacher Input)

End-Of-Year Assessment By PSBM

End-Of-Year Assessment By Elementary School

End-Of-Year Assessment By Middle and High School

End-Of-Year Assessment By Teacher

End-Of-Year Assessment By Parent

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