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Release and Waiver of Claims for Damages

Release and Waiver of Claims for Damages

I have contacted Dr. Adolph Brown, III (The Executive, Life, & Success Game ChangingAttitude Coach“) on my own volition for the purpose of obtaining information and/or services solely for success coaching, life coaching, and/or executive coaching purposes. I understand that the information I shall receive is only the opinion and research of Dr. Adolph Brown, III. I also understand that the information which I am receiving is based upon Dr. Brown’s books and tapes and other instructional materials by him and empirically-tested/evidence-based “Best Practices” in the topical area(s). I release Dr. Adolph Brown, III and The Wellness Group, Inc. from any and all liability for any claims for damages that I might incur as a result of this consultation including claims for emotional, mental, physical, or financial damages.

I understand that Dr. Brown’s services are for advisement, coaching, educational, motivational and inspirational purposes only. If I should experience as an added benefit any positive emotional, psychological, mental, and physical benefits I understand that it is as not Dr. Brown’s intention to serve as a therapist, psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, sex therapist, addiction therapist, marriage counselor, or member of the clergy and that he has never represented himself in this capacity to me. I also understand that no therapy–psychological, marital, addiction, sex, or communication therapy–will be done at any time; nor will there be any formal evaluations. This Release and Waiver will apply to any and all follow-up or subsequent telephone calls or e-mail sessions I should have with Dr. Brown. I also understand that all e-mail or telephone communications will be completely personal and confidential.

If any legal actions should occur, all of Dr. Brown’s attorney fees and any additional costs will be paid for by me.

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